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It is the intent of the Club to create a generally relaxed, family atmosphere while maintaining a sense of style and dignity in keeping with the tradition and prestige of our Club. Members, guests, and visitors are expected to be suitably attired at all times. While tastes and styles may vary greatly, members and guests are expected to use common sense in not wearing attire that is likely to be offensive to some members. “Appropriate attire” is the best description. The Club staff has been asked to make some judgment calls and enforce a Dress Code based on “appropriate attire.” Please do not put our staff in the position to have to make these judgment calls and make for an embarrassing situation for all. Inform your family and guests of these simple guidelines prior to visiting the Club:

  • Clubhouse & Patio General Use
      • Shoes must be worn in all areas of the Clubhouse and Patio, except the locker rooms and pool area. Golf shoes with non-metallic spikes are permitted in the Clubhouse.
      • Swimsuits and swimsuit cover-ups are not permitted in the Clubhouse
      • Pool patrons should not pass through the Clubhouse
      • Proper golf and tennis sports attire is permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse. The accepted attire for gentlemen is golf and tennis style shirts, and golf and tennis shorts/slacks. The accepted attire for ladies is tennis shirts, blouses, jackets, slacks, and appropriate length shorts.
      • Casual wear, including upscale denim is appropriate
      • Prohibited dress in the Clubhouse includes swimming attire, shorts or slacks hanging low enough to expose undergarments or skin, cutoff pants of any kind, inappropriate and/or very casual tee shirts, and sleeveless shirts (males only)
      • Shorts should be of appropriate length 
      • Gentlemen are requested to remove golf hats, caps, or visors while on the main and upper levels of the Clubhouse (exception for those in the event of discomfort caused by a medical condition)
      • Appropriate workout attire is permitted in the Fitness Center and Locker Rooms and while passing through the Clubhouse on the way to the Fitness Center
      • Unacceptable dress includes tube tops, crop tops or midriff baring tops, cutoff shorts, jogger shorts, gym shorts and swim trunks
      • Persons in pool attire must restrict their presence to the pool area
      • “Red & Relaxed” attire will be allowed in all areas on Husker Home Football Game Saturdays
  • Swingfest Room and Lounge
      • The Swingfest Room and Lounge should be regarded as an upscale dining venue; however, less formal attire will be allowed with jackets optional, but appreciated.
      • Business casual wear, including upscale denim is appropriate
      • Jackets are not required, but they are encouraged
      • Shorts and collarless shirts are discouraged
      • Gentlemen are requested to remove hats
  • Patio/Patio Bar
      • Shirt and shoes are required
      • Swimsuits not permitted unless with tasteful swim cover-ups
      • Hats are permitted
  • 1903 Tap & Table
      • No swim cover-ups or swim attire permitted 
      • Casual wear, including denim is acceptable
      • Gentlemen are requested to remove hats
  • Heritage North and South
      • Equivalent to the dress code for 1903 Tap & Table
  • Fitness Center
      • Appropriate workout attire is permitted in the Fitness Center and Locker Rooms and while passing through the Clubhouse on the way to the Fitness Center
      • Shirts are required
  • Pet Policy
      • No pets will be allowed on club property unless properly permitted as a service animal
  • Smoking Policy
      • Smoking (including vapor devices) will not be permitted within the Clubhouse, in the pool area, or in outdoor dining areas of the Club including but not limited to: Pool, Patio, Patio Bar, and Fire Pits
      • Designated Smoking areas will be provided outside of the Clubhouse: by the first Ballroom door; the area between the Ballroom and Cabana kitchen, outside Patio gates by the bike racks
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